Contact Information

Planning Commission
(meets the fourth Thursday quarterly)

Chairman Wayne Tulgetske

Secretary & Treasurer Mitchell Mulka

Member Chad Ennest

Member Rick Bannasch

Member Bernadette Kenjorski

Board of Trustees
(meets the second Tuesday of the month) 

Michael Grohowski Supervisor 595-6295

Clerk Elaine Misiak 766-8804

Treasurer Diane Mucciante 595-6615

Trustee Michael Smith  989-595-0271

Trustee Mitchell Mulka 989-766-8153


Board of Review

Secretary Michael Grohowski

Member Art Lewanddowski

Member Leroy Flanner Jr.

Member Theresa Szczerowski

Alternate open position

Township Assessing Office

Assessing Search

Assessing Office

Friends of Thompson State Park

Michael Grohowski 595-6295


Zoning Administrator

Matthew Bedard   989-595-2842

Zoning Board of Appeals
(meets upon request)

Chairman Chad Ennest

Secretary Donna Couture

Member Alvin Grundy

Member Kimberly Wisniewski

Alternate Marian Smith

Board of Trustees Michael T. Smith

Representing Planning Commission Chad Ennest






**All elected officals have open office hours and are eager to assist you. Please feel free to contact any of the board members with your questions or concerns by phone or by email.
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